Honeymoon in Tanzania

We booked our honeymoon today!! We are so very excited!! 
We will be leaving on the 9th of July, the day after our wedding, in the afternoon and we will be arriving on the 10th to the beautiful country of Tanzania! 

It has been our dream to go to Africa and do a Safari. I have wanted that for as long as I can remember and it is an absolute dream. Now it’s just a question of being patient until the day arrives! 4 months to go!

Of all the places in Africa Tanzania caught our eyes immediately and we have already fallen in love with it and we are not even there yet! It brings tears to my eyes, I am silly like that.
– 3 days in the Selous (Safaris)
– 3 days in Ruaha  (Safaris)
– 5 days in the Island of Mafia for some super relaxation on the beach and swimming with whale sharks!
Whale Shark off Mafia Island
For lots of pictures that would give you an idea of just how amazing a place it is, check our travel company site: http://www.africatravelresource.com/tanzania-safari/guide/tanzania-safari/

Can wait for some honeymoon clothes shopping!! Could anyone ask for more? It will be the best holiday ever!

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