How To: Clean Your Silver In 5 Mins

We have a beautiful silver set of cutlery that was given to us by my mother. They are all slightly different, colourful and complement each other perfectly.  We only used to use them for special occasions until our cheap set died just before we moved to Brighton. We decided then that they were far too pretty to only be used only occasionally and so we have been using them every day ever since.

Although I love them and I love using them all the time, I have been using them with a slight sense of dread. Which is terrible in itself as they are way to cute to not enjoy! I haven’t been wanting to use them as I then think that I am one step closer to needing a sit down for a silver cleaning session with lots of elbow grease. Not the most appealing thought.

When I was younger my mother used to make me help her polish and clean her copper pans and silver trays. Needless to say that my 14yrs old self absolutely hated it. I think I am still slightly traumatised by it…

So imagine my delight when I first heard of this neat little trick for cleaning silver. This has come in the nick of time as they were in dire need of it (it started to taste a little weird! I know…).

Here is what you need to do. It takes so little effort it’s embarrassing.

– Line your kitchen sink (or deep tray if you prefer) with foil. If you are using the sink make sure it is lined so that no water can escape

– Put your silver item(s) on the foil

– Sprinkle 1 tbsp of salt + 1 tbsp of bicarbonate of soda

– Pour hot water (not boiling) over the item(s) making sure it covers them all

And that is it! Leave it for 5 min and watch it go clean. Make sure you wash the salt/bicarbonate water off and dry the items completely.

I think it looks great, all the black is gone and it even shines! No it is not totally perfect but it is brilliant for their general cleaning and you would only need to use that elbow grease session every once in a while.

Love it!


One thought on “How To: Clean Your Silver In 5 Mins

  1. hi love,

    wow, you and household chores!!! you have been traumatised over and over.
    so far, silver polishing, ironing…
    but all in all yu turned out just fine
    love you sweetie,
    Alina xx


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