Craft: Play blocks

Here is another Pinterest find that I decided to have a go at. I did say I didn’t want to be a serial-pinner without any action!

I’m really glad I did try this one out as it is super cute! Plus it could not have come at a better time as it’s my niece (in law) birthday next week and I thought she might like this. Fingers crossed!

These super cute play blocks have lovingly been created by the people of Ollibird. All you need to do is buy either all 3 pdf sets or just the one. It will be sent to your inbox and you just print them out in the size you want. They come in 2″ or 1.5″ but you can play around with the size before printing if you want to use, or already have, different size blocks.

I know what you are thinking…the colours look a little strange? Yes they do! Our printer ran out of one of the inks and some of the little people and animals came out blue or orange. We decided to go with it anyway as it made them a bit different and we like different!

This is what you would need to have to do these:

– A pdf set or sets from Ollibird

– 2″ or 1.5″ blocks. You will need 3 blocks per set.

– Full sheet(s) of sticker paper. I got mine super cheap on Amazon.

– Scissors/cutter and a mat

– Mod podge. It was the first time I used Mod Podge (!!) and I can see why people love that stuff! It’s amazing.

Et voila! I think they are so adorable. I hope the kids love them as much as I do!


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