Christmas and more


Hello hello! I know I know, I disappeared without so much as a word back in November and for that I am truly sorry. I’d like thank all my followers that despite my disappearing act never left me and for that I am truly grateful.

Where to start, where to start! So very much to tell. Well I got a job! I guess that’s a big one to start with. I starting temping a couple of days after my last post in November as I was desperate for cash, and suddenly it was like the world had woken up and I started to get various opportunities coming my way. After a couple of days at the temp job I went for an interview and they offered me a job to start in the new year. Brilliant yes? I could relax now? Well…the more I worked at my temp position the more I liked it. The people are ridiculously lovely and it’s something I had not done much of before and so a challenge, which if you know me, you know it’s something I neeeeeeed or I get bored. To cut a story short after many sleepless nights and stressful situations I was offered my temp job as a permanent role! Totally amazing and I am over the moon. Surely now I can relax?

Well…while all of this was going on Christoph and I decided to move out of our flat and started looking for a new place to live. Again it was not without drama – not sure when my life ever is! – it was a real emotional rollercoaster ride as we are moving from trendy and cool Hove to quiet and understated Worthing. If any of you have heard of either of those placed you are probably wondering what the hell we are thinking. There are many reasons for this move but the fact is we want a family. We want to buy a house and have a family. And yes it would have been awesome to be able to buy something in Brighton/Hove but unless we win the lottery that is not going to happen. The idea os to go live there in rented accommodation for a while, see if we like the town and if so start looking for a house. Sensible no? So after many ups and downs we found a new place (love it how my iPad automatically corrected place for palace…). A palace it’s most definitely not. In fact it’s small and possibly impractical in many levels. But oh my god is it cute! It’s a cute little cottage with a garden. Do I need to say more? I spent my birthday week end packing and we are moving this coming Saturday.

After all of this I was so happy when my Christmas holidays started so that I could relax and really enjoy it. Christoph was off too for the same period and it was amazing. We were really busy visiting family but still managed to find a couple of days to relax just the 2 of us.

I know Christmas is long gone now and nobody cares anymore but I still want to share a few pics with you. Better late than never!




I loved your Christmas decorations this year. We are slowly sourcing little things that we like and every year they get better and better. This year I think my favourite was the 2 little birds we found. They clip on to the tree and look super adorable. Not exactly turtle doves but who cares, I love them! My second favourite is the teacup crackers that I decided to put as decorations on the tree instead and I think it really worked. My third, and last, favourite is my little owl. She is super cute and looked great among the logs.

The homemare gifts were the cheesy biscuits I posted here and some spicy ginger biscuits, which I hope to post about soon, although thinking about it I don’t think I took any proper pictures so I might have to made them again…life is so hard 😛


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