DIY Jewellery Frame


I have had my necklaces and earrings in a tangled mess for too long to remember. It was a case of finding the necklace I wanted, which in itself was no easy feat, and either a) take 10 minutes to untangle it only to think that actually maybe the red one would go better, b) take 10 min to untangle it only to find it broken and be upset about it as invariably it will be one of my favourites or c) take 10 min trying to untangle it, get really stressed out, have a hissy fit and shout for my husband. He then would find me in a heap on the floor holding this ball of colourful stuff in my hands looking half crazy. I didn’t even need to say anything, he would walk over, ask ‘which one?’, I would point – as at this point I am unable to do more than just a basic form of communication – and he would set to work while I got myself together and turned back into a human being again. I would mumble a thank you as he handed it over and I would scurry off to hide in shame. You would not believe how many times this has actually happened.

I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t I buy a jewellery holder? Well for one thing because I like long necklaces and I have never found one that would be tall enough for them. Also I couldn’t find one that I liked enough. Solution? Make my own.

I bought a cheap picture frame, cleaned it up and removed the backing. I then painted it to give it a new lease of life. I had some little paint pots from other bits I painted so I just used what I had and it was this purple colour. I would have preferred it white but I’m on a budget so purple it is!


I bought some hessian (burlap) fabric to cover the backing that I removed earlier. Ironed it and cut to size leaving enough at the back to fold over and staple. Can I just say that I love my staple gun! I wanted to staple everything after that. Christoph stopped me. And yes I said thank you and scurried off in shame. Again.

Staple all around it until it’s nice and tight and secure. Attach it back to the frame with some brackets.


One strange fact about me: I love door knobs. Yup. Weird. But I think that they are a great and cheap way to revamp a piece of furniture. I also thought they would look fabulous as holders for my necklaces instead of hooks. Hooks are boring. Knobs are pretty. That’s that.


I also like mixing colours, patterns and shapes. Funnily enough this is also the case with my clothes so I am like a rainbow when I go outside. You can see me for miles. But sadly there is no pot of gold at my feet. Or a leprechaun. I’m more upset about the leprechaun part.

Measure where you want to put them on your frame.

Make a hole. I was able to do it with this handheld thing – don’t ask what it’s called I’ve no idea – as my backing was quite thin. But if yours is thicker you might want to use something else , like a drill (I used one for the first time yesterday and it was so coooool!). If using a drill though be careful with the fabric as it would damage it. I’d recommend in that case to drill before you staple the fabric. Screw in the door knobs.

There you go! I’m really quite proud about this project. I think it turned out great – although I’m still thinking when I have money I’ll buy a pot of white paint…- It was amazing putting everything on it as I even found some stuff I had completely forgotten I had. It’s like having new pretty things to play with.



What do you think?


7 thoughts on “DIY Jewellery Frame

  1. I love this so much! I am the same exact way; I cannot find anything for my diversified jewelry of lengths to fit on. And I love door knobs too. These are perfect. So creative. You do know that you could easily sell these? I love your dresser too šŸ™‚


    • Thanks! It’s amazing being able to just walk over it and see them all finally and be creative about what to wear too! Wooo another door knob enthusiast! They are great aren’t they? My husband tells me the same about making some to sell, possibly if I get serious interest it could be fun to do it šŸ™‚ thanks for your support Judith, you’re super lovely!


  2. This is gorgeous! How funny, I was looking for a way to untangle my chaotic pile of necklaces and earrings, too. I think you’ve given me some inspiration – and I agree, you really could sell these. It’s a great idea. šŸ™‚


    • Awesome, so glad you’ve been inspired! Thank you for the lovely comments and who knows I might just do that!


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