Furniture Painting Workshop


So, I went to a furniture painting workshop today and it was so much fun! I’m getting kind of obsessed with craft workshops. I have one on learning how to crochet next month!

So this is what I did today. It’s not perfect but I’ve learnt a lot and it has given me the confidence to try furniture painting and experiment. I’m itching to go out and buy lots of bits of furniture and paint! This is what I enjoy about these workshops, it takes the apprehension on doing something you don’t know and may look scary at first. It makes you realise that it isn’t and it’s fun to have a go.


So this is my before and after painting but before it was sanded ‘strategically’ to look shabby. Very shabby in my case!


The compulsory paint on hair


The course is run by 2 lovely ladies, Tanya and Emma. Check out their website! They have more courses and if you live in the area I’d highly recommend. The area being between Worthing and Brighton.


What do you think? The more I look at it the more I like it! Next painting project is our coffee table!


4 thoughts on “Furniture Painting Workshop

  1. Great idea!
    I use to renovate furniture all the time. I weathered many. You will love this! I am a messy painter and always had paint in the hair 🙂
    I am looking forward to seeing your project !!


    • Thanks lovely! It was really lots of fun and as I love decorating and being creative about the house I was almost certain that I would love that too. I can’t wait to start the project either, it will be lovely to do it at my own pace and really dedicate time and care to it 🙂


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