Pecan Pie – Made with Love


Tuesday is Christoph’s birthday and as we both have a busy week ahead we decided to have a nice birthday day today where he would be treated all day to yummy food and lots of relaxation.

It started with breakfast in bed of bacon and cheese muffins to sticky spare ribs for a late lunch/early dinner and a pecan pie to finish off the day!

I asked him to have a look around and decide what he wanted me to make as a birthday cake. Anything at all. And that’s what he chose. To be more precise he chose the Great British Bake Off – How to turn everyday bakes into Showstoppers – recipe for a pecan pie. I was given the book for my birthday and I was itching to try something so this was perfect.

I have to work on the showstopper part but taste wise it’s amazing. I mean come on. One word. Pecan. There’s not much more to say really.

Oh wait yes there is. Vanilla ice-cream.


I have gone to the slightly – ok very – lazy route of taking a picture of the ingredients and recipe. I’ve been feeling a bit poorly today so I had to take a small shortcut as I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I will remedy this as soon as I can.






Just a quick side note: the lighting in our new house is dreadful so my pictures, which weren’t brilliant to start with, have sunk even lower in quality! But I know all of you guys have super top imaginations to make up for it! 😛


14 thoughts on “Pecan Pie – Made with Love

    • Thank you very much for popping by! That lemon chicken of yours sounded so good. I love that combination. Makes it so moist and tender. 🙂


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