Super+Super Bake Off Competition

Yesterday was Super+Super Bake Off Competition. It was lovely, both the cakes and the company of everyone present. What more can anyone ask for? The whole process of thinking about what to bake, present it etc was incredibly fun!

I am also so pleased it was for a good cause and such a great amount (£100!) was raised for Brighton based charity Rockinghorse.

Lots of cake was eaten and lots of tea was drunk, bringing a much needed feeling of warmth and homeliness to a rather strange weather day. It felt very autumnal indeed, rain lashing against the window and some bouts of sun, all coupled with a good dose of wind. I wore tights for the first time in months and wished I had taken a cozy jumper too. Which, I have to say, I am kind of looking forward to wearing now, I feel I am ready for socks, oversized jumpers and lots of snuggling up in our beautiful cottage. Those who know me will be wondering about this statement. But this year I feel we had a proper Summer. I love Summers but I also love having seasons, they are exciting and beautiful in their own way. So yes bring on Autumn! 🙂

Here are some pictures of the lovely cakes brought in for the competition. Aren’t they wonderful?


My entry (pictures number 2, the cake with bunting) came in 3rd place! So very chuffed about that and a post with the cake recipe – a parsnip and pecan cake…oh yes! – will follow shortly this week!

How was your week end? What delicious and wonderful adventures have you been up?


8 thoughts on “Super+Super Bake Off Competition

    • It was such a lovely afternoon and they were such delicious cakes made by lovely ladies. Much fun and inspirational indeed!


    • Hmmm doesn’t ring a bell no but I have been to Treacle & Co on Church Street as I used to live very close by and their cakes were lovely!


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