Easy Homemade Raspberry Jam

20130917-143804.jpgI’ve been wanting to try my hand at making jams for a while now and I did have a bit of a go last month when I made some blueberry jam. It wasn’t the most successful, in that it didn’t have a very jammy consistency and was a bit runny. I was probably too eager and didn’t cook it for long enough. Saying that it tasted delicious!

As I had some raspberries left and which had been frozen – the abundance of fruit in Summer makes it a necessity sometimes – I decided to have another go at jam making, and raspberry jam is supposed to be one of the easiest ones to make. So if you are a beginner and you feel daunted about the whole process I’d recommend starting with this one.

How did it go this time? Amazingly! Christoph really likes it and for me, and my non-sweet tooth, it tastes just right and the consistency is perfect!

Result! \o/

Now, I know there’s a big thing about not using pectin and there are millions of recipes out there for ‘non-pectin’ jams. Well, mine does have pectin. Yup that’s right. I had jam sugar with pectin and I was going to use it. In fact there were so many ‘non-pectin’ recipes that I had a hard time finding one that did. So I just kind of made up my own measurements.



500g raspberries (mine were frozen)
370g sugar jam (with pectin)


Put a couple of plates in the freezer.

Grab a pan and tip in your raspberries, heating them up slowly. I helped them along a little but pressing on them as they were cooking. Once they got to a wet and mushy consistency – not sure how to explain this any better! – remove half of it and pass it firmly through a sieve (nylon sieve or you risk your raspberry to react with a metal mesh). Keep pushing it through until you have nothing left but the seeds in the sieve. Put all the juice and pulp back into the pan with the rest of the raspberries. Add your sugar and stir it in.

Bring it to boil and rapid boil for 5 minutes, without stirring (it’s so tempting to want to stir but don’t do it!). This should be enough. Put some on one of your frozen plates. If it wrinkles when you pass your finger through it you know it’s ready. If not ready leave it to boil for another 2 minutes.

Grab your sterilised jars (well don’t grab it with your bare hands as they should be hot!) and add the jam. Close the lids and leave it to cool.

If you don’t know how to sterilise jars: wash your jars, lids and rubber in soapy water. Put the jars and lids in a tray and pop it in the oven for about 20min at 100C. Be careful when canning and don’t forget that the jars and the tray is in are hot like I did once…I had the mother of all blisters on my thumb and her babies on my other fingers. Nightmare and not to mention super painful! 😦
This amount made enough for 2 full Bonne Maman size jars.

Enjoy it for example with some lovely homemade bloomer, which we did this morning! YUM YUM YUM!


10 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Raspberry Jam

  1. I can’t believe you could make such gorgeous jam with frozen raspberries!! GREAT! After I fill my jars I put on the lid and then turn the jar upside down for about 5 minutes to help with the sealing process. (instead of reprocessing) Do you have any problems achieving a seal without inverting the jars? Thanks.


    • We got our raspberries originally from the in-laws garden. But we had so much fruit that we worried about them going off after a while so unfortunately we had to freeze them. However they did work great for this jam, so all is well! You know, I have read it elsewhere about turning them upside down and I think I will try it next time! Although I have been lucky enough that it has been fine without, particularly as in this case it was for a more or less quick consumption. Had I been doing it in greater numbers and for storing for a longer period of time then I would have worried and investigated more about sure ways of tight sealing.


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