South Downs Way Countryside Walk – Butchers Wood and Jack and Jill Windmills

20131111-213916.jpg I’m sharing a non-recipe post with you today. Doesn’t happen often but I believe little life moments like this that bring happiness are worth sharing.

It was such a beautiful day last Sunday here in Sussex. The sun was shinning, with only a light breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Those kind of days are, at this time of year, so few and far between that we thought we would make the most of it. Walking boots on, scarf at the ready, coffee in a thermos and some of the delicious crumbly biscuits I made all packed up and we were off! We had a look at the different walks around the area and decided to go for this one here. Who doesn’t like a walk in the woods and windmills? We did the shortcut walk in the end as we started rather late and it would have been dark before we would have finished, making it not ideal. But we have already decided to go back and check out Wolstonbury hill as the views of the South Downs from up top must be amazing!

Note: My camera has a scratch on the lens, which can make some parts of the pictures blurry 😦 I’ve been giving hints to Christoph that I need a new one…20131111-213927.jpg20131111-213936.jpg20131111-213947.jpg20131111-213958.jpg20131111-214006.jpg20131111-214018.jpg20131111-214026.jpg20131111-214035.jpg20131111-214043.jpgWe made some friends…20131111-214112.jpg20131111-214815.jpg20131111-214124.jpg20131112-192738.jpg20131112-192748.jpg20131111-214204.jpg20131111-214215.jpg20131111-214223.jpg20131111-214236.jpg20131111-214253.jpgYou know it was a good day walking when your boots look like this! And this was before we got in ankle deep in mud further on, where I had to hang on for dear life on a tree branch and nearly fell flat on a huge mud puddle. We couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous I looked hanging there.

I hope you had a wonderful week end and that you didn’t get the Monday blues too much yesterday!


3 thoughts on “South Downs Way Countryside Walk – Butchers Wood and Jack and Jill Windmills

    • You are absolutely right, I love that feeling! We went to the Alps last Summer and it was so incredible being up a mountain for a trek and being surrounded by such beauty and quiet. It gives you a feeling of complete peace.
      The mud was really hard work at some points but we were laughing so much at each other that it was really fun!


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