Apple, White Chocolate and Almond Muffin

20131117-164130.jpgDo you have one of those days where you feel super tired but you can’t really work out why? Today has been like this. Even now i am writing this and my eyes keep wanting to close. I feel I could sleep for days. Between me like that and Christoph being ill, our house has been very quiet today. We have had a day in bed watching films (Crystal Fairy and the Magic Cactus and Francis Ha, both of which I highly recommend), drinking huge cups of coffee and eating numerous muffins.20131117-164723.jpgApple, white chocolate and almond muffins to be precise, the only thing that kept us looking alive today as coffee wasn’t cutting it. Luckily I’ve been making them for years I can make them with my eyes closed.
We desperately needed the sweetness of the white chocolate to perk us up throughout the day. And I have to admit that they are probably the sweetest muffins I have made to date. It doesn’t mean that they are too sweet by any means. I just personally prefer dark chocolate but white chocolate is Christoph’s favourite and seeing as he is poorly I thought it would cheer him up. For him it was perfect sweetness. Next time though I will put less white chocolate. Keep this in mind if you make these and you are like me and prefer cakes/muffins that are less sweet!20131117-164750.jpg
Apple, White Chocolate and Almond Muffins (makes 12)

– 1 apple
– 90g white chocolate
– 1tbsp of almond butter
– 1 cup of self raising flour
– 1 cup of wholemeal flour
– 1/2 cup of golden caster sugar
– 1tsp of baking powder
– 1 egg
– 1/3 cup of vegetable oil
– 3/4 cup of milk

Optional: flaked almonds

Pre-heat oven to gas 4/180c non fan.

Core your apple and chop into small cubes. Chop the chocolate in the same way. Put in a bowl. Add your almond butter and all the other ingredients in the order above except for the flaked almonds. Mix it all really well. Butter your muffin tray and divide the mixture. Add a little flaked almonds onto each muffin. Bake for 20min.
20131117-164757.jpgThey are super easy to make and really delicious and you can use the basic ingredients and make whichever flavour you want. I have made them in dozens of different flavours and it works great every time.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! Tomorrow is Monday and I wish I could sleep through it all the way to Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “Apple, White Chocolate and Almond Muffin

  1. Thank you for this recipe. They look absolutely delicious, and I can’t wait to make them for my family. My daughters have a sweet tooth, so these will be perfect. 🙂


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