Brighton Pictures

20131129-073136.jpgAnd here I was, doing so well with keeping this little space going. Man oh man, is winter a pain in the bum or what! In the last post about my muffins, which feels like it was light years away, I mentioned that Christoph was poorly and that I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic. So yes, you guessed it, I have been rather ill for the past couple of weeks. As I am currently doing a temp job, I’ve been forcing myself into work every day and to be honest I think it has just made things worse and drag for a lot longer than it should have done! There is however one good thing that has come out of this and that’s that I’ve been enjoying a lovely hot soothing drink that has felt AMAZING and that I’ll share with you soon!

I did try, halfway through those horrible 2 wks, to catch up with some of your lovely posts but sleep took over and it just wasn’t happening. Now that I am getting more on track I’m trying again and my oh my have you guys been busy! Amazing stuff! I can’t wait to be all caught up and read what you’ve been creating/doing!

I also wanted to say a huge belated Happy Thanksgiving to my lovely American readers. I hope you had the most fabulous time. Now let’s all enjoy Black Friday and shop until we drop!

Going back to the title of this post, on the last day before I felt poorly we went into Brighton and the sky looked so awesome, all pink, orangey and pretty around the pier, that I thought I’d share some pics with you.20131129-073202.jpg20131129-073214.jpg20131129-073304.jpg20131129-073323.jpg20131129-073314.jpg


8 thoughts on “Brighton Pictures

    • I’m feeling much better thank you! Yes in summer it is packed, particularly if it’s a nice sunny week end – which in England it’s not a guarantee in summer! Saying that last summer was awesome 🙂


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