Hot Ginger, Apple, Orange and Honey Juice

I promised this post a couple of weeks back and it has taken me an incredibly long time to deliver! Being ill, life being busy and waking up at 5.30am, I have found myself falling asleep by 9pm. Including week ends. Even when a friend of mine visited last week end. To my shame I feel asleep on the sofa at 10pm on Saturday night. Thankfully he is a bit useless too and fell asleep shortly after. Silly poodles.
My immune system being the massive disaster that it is, I need to constantly feed it full of goodness to even stand a chance against the winter (Yes Alina, I take my vitamins every day).

We all have teas of various types and I love them as much as anyone. But sometimes I just want something different. Like a juice. The thing about juice is that when it’s cold outside and you want something to boost your immune system and soothe your insides, cold juice doesn’t really cut it. But hot juice? Now we are talking! Christoph was a bit doubtful about this one, particularly when I added honey. Honey in juice? Yes darling trust me.

And he did.

And he loved it.



– 3 Oranges
– 2 Apples
– A large chunk of Ginger
– A decent drizzle of honey

Juice all of your ingredients, except honey. Pour it on to a pan to heat it up. Remove from heat, pour into your favourite cup and drizzle your honey to taste.

It’s delicious, soothing, warming, comforting and any other adjectives you associate with a hot drink on a cold day.


Don throw your orange peels away! Keep them and I’ll show you something really lovely to make with them! 🙂


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