A Day in Pictures

20140114-060857.jpgHello my lovelies! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! I’m having a very exciting time and I’ll update you very soon with what I’ve been up to this week. I’m super crazy busy, but in an awesome way.

In the meanwhile I’m showing you some pics of the day we had on Saturday in London. As Sunday was my birthday (Turning the lovely age of 32. Does time fly or what! Crazy stuff! ) Christoph took me to the Natural History Museum as I’ve been wanting to go back for a very long time. I was ecstatic and couldn’t have hoped for a better place to spend my birthday. And even though it’s our second trip there, there is is still so so much more to see! It’s such an incredible place.

We didn’t take many pics to be honest. For one thing we forgot our camera and although I do tend to use my iPhone a lot, we just wanted to enjoy the day. Nowadays everything is so instant with pictures that you end up looking ‘back’ at them during your trip. And often you can get so intent on taking lots of pictures that you forget to make the memories that should go along with them. Do you know what I mean?
20140114-060512.jpgTurning left20140114-060553.jpgBrain coral! How amazing does that look!20140114-060627.jpgMamoth skull. Too cool! Who doesn’t like a bit of Mamoth eh?20140115-183519.jpgHusband looking his usual awesome self20140115-183550.jpgHappy whale20140115-183557.jpgThe mandatory looking into the distance shot20140114-060819.jpgLook at that moon!20140114-060829.jpgA selfie of course ( is that also how you call it when there’s 2 of you?)20140114-060838.jpgHyde Park20140114-060850.jpgThe Mall20140115-183605.jpgThe Queen Victoria Memorial

Stay happy!

11 thoughts on “A Day in Pictures

  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday!!! Looks like a great day. I totally agree; people get really hung up on photographing (or worse, Facebooking!) every moment they forget to enjoy themselves.


    • It was a great day thanks! Yes absolutely, sometimes it’s good to just out the camera away and just take time to take it all in


  2. Beautiful photos. Love the one of you looking at the room with the whale hanging in. We are both 1982 babies. I turn 32 in May. Happy Birthday. did you get a chance to catch the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition? It is supposed to be excellent. Emmaxx


    • Thank you! We didn’t see it unfortunately as we had to pay and and money after Christmas is a bit tight! But hopefully won’t be long until we go back again and it will still be there!


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