Dried Fruits & Mixed Nuts Balls

Dried Fruits & Mixed Nuts Balls | LittlebitsofniceBalls.


I am always reluctant to use it as a description for a nice little treat. It just doesn’t sound…appealing. But right now that’s the only word I can think of so let’s go with it and trust in the fact that I would never share anything with you guys that didn’t taste great even if my imagination when it comes to naming it fails at times to impress.

Dried Fruits & Mixed Nuts Balls | LittlebitsofniceAlso I know what you’re thinking. I do I do. You’re thinking “here comes another condensed milk recipe“. And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. After all the last few treats have very much be heavy in the sugar department (but oh so delicious for the occasional treat!). However, let me tell you dear friends that you would be dead wrong. These little treats here don’t have any added sugar (just a tiny bit of honey) and no oil or butter. Yup, these are healthy, great energy boosters and fantastic to take away that sweet craving that some of us (me) have from time to time or for that time mid morning when you feel you need a little energy boost.

Truly they are fabulous and you will love them if you like this kind of thing. Which I do. Christoph would much rather have cake. Not that I blame him, I mean who wouldn’t? But we all know it’s not healthy to eat cake everyday. So sad 😦

Dried Fruits & Mixed Nuts Balls | Littlebitsofnice

Anyway, moving on from sad cake thoughts and full speed ahead towards these beauties. The dried fruits and honey give them a little sweetness and the nuts give that lovely crunch. Plus there had to be coconut in there somewhere.

Why? Do you really have to ask? Come on!
Dried Fruits & Mixed Nuts Balls | Littlebitsofnice

You can pretty much make them with whatever you have in your cupboards. Which is exactly what I did. So feel free to use what you have and adapt it!


80g of mixed plain roasted nuts (no added salt etc.)

250g soft dried apricots

150g stoned prunes

1tbsp of local honey

40g coconut + some for rolling

Add all the ingredients to a food processor. Whizz until it all starts to come together and form a ball. Start rolling into little small balls. If you want you can use some coconut oil on your hands to help them not stick. I thought it was easy enough without the oil but totally up to you!

Roast a bit of coconut for rolling and roll your balls (you could also use sesame seeds or cocoa if you wanted!).

I’ve kept mine in the fridge as it’s too hot at the moment to keep them out.

That’s it! Easy peasy 🙂

Dried Fruits & Mixed Nuts Balls | Littlebitsofnice

How tasty do they look? All that wonderful fruit and nuts!

Last week’s Fiesta Friday was a tribute to Selma, a lady that touched many hearts. I admit I did not know her well apart from reading her blog, but nevertheless I cannot help but feel sadness.

We have recently in our family lost someone much loved by us all. It makes me reflect on life. But also and more importantly, I reflect on the show of strength you see in people, their ability to give so much to so many and on how much they inspire the ones around them.

I’ve missed the last few Fiesta Friday‘s as life has been throwing some big challenges our way, so I can’t wait to go take these to this wonderful party this week and share them with you all. Nothing like a little bit of nice food to warm the heart.


8 thoughts on “Dried Fruits & Mixed Nuts Balls

  1. Great recipe! I can see these being a great on the go snack. I tried to think of another word for “balls” but somehow I’m blanking, lol. 🙂


  2. Thank you 🙂 they are super easy to make as you can see but also the beauty of them is that you can really just make them with whatever you have in your cupboard. Let me know if you ever do try to make these (or others!).


  3. What a perfect snack! Sometimes I find cakes a little too sweet and this looks perfect, not to mention easy to make! Thank you for bringing them to Fiesta Friday! 🙂


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