About littlebitsofnice

A late bloomer in life, it did take me a while to get to know myself. My likes and dislikes, my guilty pleasures, my opinions, my dress style, my weaknesses and my strengths. And most important of all, I learned to not be ashamed of any of it. I think 2 things were the major cataclysms for all of this.

My father passing away is one of them, a big one. Something like this gives perspective and, as clichΓ© as this may sound, it did make me evaluate my life in a huge way.

The second thing is that I met the love of my life. My now husband came into my life like this amazing ray of sunshine and there has not been a day when my life has not been warmed by him.

This blog started in 2012, year of change for me, with the idea to share all of those moments, big or small, important or insignificant, all of it. All the bits of nice in our lives. They were sometimes be preceded or accompanied with a little bit of moan; life is, as we all know, not perfect. The important thing is to try our best to make it as good as we can.

It then developped and my love for baking started to take over this little space more and more. Now it is mostly about little bits of nice food, cakes, biscuits, pies and everything nice. With little bits of life moments thrown in occassionally.

I hope you enjoy this blog. It is not much, I do not have amazing pictures or mind-blowing concepts. What you will get is a little glimpses of a life and my journey towards making it as good as possible. Mostly through cakes. With lots of love.

43 thoughts on “About littlebitsofnice

    • Thank you so much for visiting my little blog and having a good look around. It’s wonderful when that happens. I have been following your blog for a while now and it’s always really lovely. Hope to see you here again!


  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog! your blog is so beautiful! Photography is amazing! Will be back lots!


    • Thank you! Your pancakes gave me such a massive craving that I have ‘pre-ordered’ them from my husband for today πŸ™‚


      • haha brilliant! They’re sure to taste even better when you know the hubby’s sweating over it while you’re not lifting a finger!


    • Oh wow thank you very much that is incredibly sweet of you and such a nice thing to say. I genuinely feel very touched by your words. I will check it out today! πŸ™‚


    • Hi!

      thank you so much, that’s lovely! I will reply to it as soon as I can, I promise!

      happy new year!



  2. So lovely to hear of the story behind the blog and for the details of your late blooming in life. I’ve not experienced the loss of a parent, but sure they don’t call it baking therapy for nothing πŸ˜‰ As for love, I do believe it makes us all bloom!

    Happy Cooking.


    • Thank you very much. I had no idea they called it that but it makes sense in my case. And love does indeed make you bloom πŸ™‚ such lovely words


  3. Hi Diana – thanks again for stopping by – I am rather excited to see that you may have a connection with Kenya…well, it’s just the one word but it made my heart do a little flip!!


    • I hope I won’t disappoint you by saying that there isn’t a real connection 😦 it simply comes from the trip my husband and I had to Tanzania and we fell in love with the place. I love that word, it’s one of those words that just sounds so friendly!


      • No, not at all – it’s nice to hear how much you loved Tanzania – I always say, there is something about Africa that just gets under your skin and stays there….


      • It’s so true, it really does! I cried so much when we had to leave. I was so emotional about it which is a completely crazy reaction to the end of a holiday. I had never had this kind of reaction to anywhere I’ve been. Before or since!


  4. Lovely blog, delicious food and great story-telling! You leave me wanting more πŸ™‚ Glad I “discovered” your site at Fiesta Friday, and I look forward to exploring through your past posts ~ as well as the future ones!


    • Thanks Nancy that is so lovely of you. I still need to go make my rounds at the Fiesta and check everyone out! Can’t wait!


  5. Hi Diana, I found your cake at Angie’s Fiesta Fridays. A lovely piece of work! I’m exploring more of your lovely bakes, baking being a passion of mine too. Looking forward to your posts…Do stop by my blog when you find the time.


    • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting this little blog. So glad you are exploring πŸ™‚ I am still going through all the wonderful posts from the fiesta! I will come over to you very soon I promise!


  6. Hi Diana, Thank you for stopping by my blog recently. I have enjoyed looking at yours. I love how positive you are about finding “bits of nice” in everyday life. What a great way to go through life. I look forward to seeing your recipes, and getting to know you better!


  7. such a lovely blog! It was such a pleasurable experience to go through your amazing recipes. Glad that I found your blog! I am a new blogger and I would love you to visit my blog for a feedback πŸ™‚ Thanks!


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