{Cherry & Frangipane Tart}

Cherry & Frangipane TartOn our way coming back from a visit to Christoph’s parent last week end and having driven back home via the “scenic route”, we stopped on the side of the road to buy some cherries and asparagus. The asparagus had so much flavour, much more than what you get at supermarkets and at a fraction of the price! I could eat asparagus every day, it’s so darn good! The cherries were nice but still not as sweet as they can be (too soon yet for the season). I love fresh cherries and I can eat a bag full without even realising. But, as these weren’t as sweet as I would have liked for eating fresh, I thought they could go great in a tart. Frangipane came to mind for obvious reasons! Almond and cherries were made for each other. Cherry & Frangipane Tart I’ve had a couple of people today asking me what frangipane was. I think that, had they not asked me, I would have assumed that everyone knew what it was. I forget sometimes that not everyone reads about food or cooks/bakes as much as we do at home. Sorry guys. I won’t make that assumption anymore promise. Frangipane is basically a filling made with almonds. And if you have never had it before, don’t wait any longer! It’s totally delicious, if like me you like almonds. If you already know what frangipane tastes like, you know I’m telling the truth! Almonds are actually one of my favourite flavours in baking (flaked, ground, any way really) and I love Amaretto, which is an almond flavoured liqueur. To. Die. For.

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{Hushpuppies} Fish Balls with Spicy Dip

Pollock Hush Puppies

After all of the sweet treats I have been sharing with you guys, I thought this week we were in much need of something savoury. You know. For balance.

As you may or may not remember a while ago I bought some fine cornmeal because I wanted to make some brazilian treats. I bought it online because try as I might I couldn’t find it anywhere in the shops. I bought it and thought it was a bit expensive but it was a 1.5kg bag and the treats were worth it so I thought what the hell, why not.

I remember eagerly waiting for the delivery, opening the door to the delivery man and being faced with a huge box. I was surprised but as online sites often use completely out of proportion packaging I didn’t worry too much at that point.

I thank the delivery man. He passes me the box. The weight takes me off guard.

Oh. Hmm.

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{Doughnuts} with Creme Patissiere and Homemade Apple Jam

Jam and Creme Patissiere Donuts

It’s Doughnut week! Apparently. I read somewhere I am sure…well if not let’s celebrate it anyway. I made these last week end which was lovely and relaxing, until that is I got sick. Meh. I couldn’t face posting this until now, food not really being in my mind! But it all worked out. I am starting to feel better, which feels like a win all by itself, but mostly it’s Friday and this means week end and this means we can celebrate a little.

I had never made doughnuts before. I’ve always wanted to but I was a bit scared. Dough and yeast is not really my thing. It’s more Christoph’s thing (he makes some awesome bread: Beer Battered Rye BreadCaraway, Rye and Ale BreadSoda Bread). I mean it’s not that I don’t enjoy it. I just haven’t use it much so I am not as confident. But hey the whole idea of this year was to try new things for me so this ticks that box. AND it ticks the this-tastes-bloody-amazing box. The best box there is.

Once I decided I was going to have a go at them, Christoph and I sat down for a very serious and important talk: what type of doughnut? Did we want hole ones or whole ones? Now that one was an easy decision for me as my favourite is always the whole ones as it can be filled with more goodness! I know I know, I’m so greedy.

This however let to the most important question: what do fill them with? Now this one was kind of tough because the options were endless. As the recipe made 10 doughnuts we thought we might as well have 2 different types of fillings. Makes sense right? Well all I can say is that it was the best decision I’ve made in a while.

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{Pudim de Leite Condensado} – Brazilian Flan with Condensed Milk

Pudim de Leite Condensado

Forget healthy. Forget diets. Forget trying to be good. This is the stuff you eat because, well, you sometimes just deserve it. Don’t fight it. It’s ok. I promise.

This is another trip down memory lane for me. My mother is an amazing cook. I have so many memories of her in the kitchen when I was growing up, of coming home after school to the most wonderful smells that promised a delicious dinner. As soon as I got close to the front door I knew what we would be having for dinner. And I couldn’t wait.

As many memories as I have of those meals, I have very few memories of times when she would be making something sweet. At home we were all more keen on savoury food and therefore sweet is not something we had very often. But there are a few things that I remember my mother making and Brigadeiros, Bolo de Fuba and Pudim are amongst the most vivid.

There are few things that make me happier than sharing those memories and tastes with Chris.  And I am proud to say that so far so good! All have been received with great excitement and eaten with great enthusiasm. What more could I ask for?

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{Chocolate Cake} with Frangelico & Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Cake Man oh man, talk about indulgence. First of all let me just say that I had not planned on making a chocolate cake, let alone one that has frosting on top that is nearly as thick as one of the layers. And layers! Definitely didn’t think about making anything with layers. I love it when non-plans come together!

When I saw this awesome recipe in one of my favourite blogs, I just couldn’t resist. I needed cake. I mean neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeded it. Ok, fair enough that it feels like I need cake pretty much all the time but the week at work felt like it was never going to end. You know what I mean? One of those weeks. Add to that a few sleepless nights…you get the picture.

So I thought, alright let’s make a nice and chocolatey cake with frosting on top. That would cheer me up. I mean chocolate, right? But then I was like, wait a minute! If I am going to make this I may as well go all out. Double everything up? 2 cakes? Stack them? Tons of icing? Now we’re talking. Wait, what? Add some Frangelico? Oh my goodness yes!

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